Better – More – How About Different?

Something Better – Something More – Something Different

Often we think of change as something Better or something More.  It can also be for something Different.  As women we tend to fill up our days and lives based on the needs of others, and that is a good thing, to a point.  If all of our time is spent focusing on others, we don’t have any time left for ourselves and what God has created us to be, as a person, as an individual. We are sometimes so busy doing for others we don’t take the time to even listen. Please understand that I am not saying to NOT focus on others, or not take care of your family.  I am saying that you can do those things and still find a few moments for you.  Moments for you to enjoy and grow as a person, to be ‘you’.  You deserve it.

Many times this doesn’t happen until the kids are grown or have moved out, or when you or your husband retires.  That’s all good, but I propose that you look at today.   I know women who decided to go to the gym or a workout class 3 times a week.  They are doing something for themselves, feeling better, and truly feel better to continue with the busy schedule of their lives.

Maybe it is taking 2 hours out a week to take a class of some type.  Something you’ve always wanted to learn about, a photography class, or a ceramic class, or maybe learn a language.  Why not?

Here’s a thought, maybe you’d like to just have 1-2 hours to sit alone and read a book, (ooo luxury, right?),   but your house is always crazy and there are so many distractions.  Most cities have great libraries, and even though I didn’t really like going to the library when I was younger, I find that now they are a great resource.  Quiet, focus, no distractions, and time alone… what’s not to like =).

Subtle, drastic, slight, big, it doesn’t matter, sometimes change is nice.

My last thought for today.  If your life is full of change, so much you just can’t even think of another one and the last thing you want is change. Then Stop.  Don’t do anything different.  Stop and rest and you’ll know when it’s time again to move forward.



QUESTION:  What is the one thing you would like to be different?

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