3 Questions for you


Three quick questions for you and I would love your feedback. In a couple of weeks I am honored to give the message at my church.  For the summer, each week in the Sunday School hour  we are watching the series ‘The Bible”.   The Sunday I speak is the week of the birth of Jesus. Yes I know, and it isn’t even close to Christmas. So I have a couple of questions and I really would love to know your thoughts.

  • When you think of ‘Birth of Jesus’ in the middle of the summer, or anytime other than ‘Official’ Christmas, what does that mean to you?
  • Most of us hear the usual story from Luke each year at Christmas.  Is there a passage or other way of looking at Jesus birth that you would like to hear?
  • Is there a question or thought that you would like to share about His birth.
I am looking forward to hearing and reading your thoughts.  If you prefer to send me a private message my email address is listed below.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Many Blessings


QUESTION:   Thinking of Christmas in July- what does that mean to you?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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Better – More – How About Different?

Something Better – Something More – Something Different

Often we think of change as something Better or something More.  It can also be for something Different.  As women we tend to fill up our days and lives based on the needs of others, and that is a good thing, to a point.  If all of our time is spent focusing on others, we don’t have any time left for ourselves and what God has created us to be, as a person, as an individual. We are sometimes so busy doing for others we don’t take the time to even listen. Please understand that I am not saying to NOT focus on others, or not take care of your family.  I am saying that you can do those things and still find a few moments for you.  Moments for you to enjoy and grow as a person, to be ‘you’.  You deserve it.

Many times this doesn’t happen until the kids are grown or have moved out, or when you or your husband retires.  That’s all good, but I propose that you look at today.   I know women who decided to go to the gym or a workout class 3 times a week.  They are doing something for themselves, feeling better, and truly feel better to continue with the busy schedule of their lives.

Maybe it is taking 2 hours out a week to take a class of some type.  Something you’ve always wanted to learn about, a photography class, or a ceramic class, or maybe learn a language.  Why not?

Here’s a thought, maybe you’d like to just have 1-2 hours to sit alone and read a book, (ooo luxury, right?),   but your house is always crazy and there are so many distractions.  Most cities have great libraries, and even though I didn’t really like going to the library when I was younger, I find that now they are a great resource.  Quiet, focus, no distractions, and time alone… what’s not to like =).

Subtle, drastic, slight, big, it doesn’t matter, sometimes change is nice.

My last thought for today.  If your life is full of change, so much you just can’t even think of another one and the last thing you want is change. Then Stop.  Don’t do anything different.  Stop and rest and you’ll know when it’s time again to move forward.



QUESTION:  What is the one thing you would like to be different?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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Just Be


Don’t compare.  Don’t compete.  Be who God created you to be.   You are not a copy, you are an original. His original. God loves you- for you!

I have to admit that sometimes I find myself comparing myself to others, and usually wind up feeling bad in the process.  Just this week I went looking at Top bloggers, women who speak around the country, etc.  WOW! I found some amazing women.  As I was looking at all they were doing, accomplishing, etc.,  I begin to doubt myself.  Is God really calling me?   Gosh, I don’t have what they have, etc., all those negative thoughts that the enemy throws in to stop us.  Have you ever felt that way?  God calls us for His purpose, not to be someone else. Just be me, with all my imperfections, my ups and downs.  He loves me.  He loves you.  He doesn’t want us to be anybody else.

In my searching I came across this message from Jennie Catron.  She said this so perfectly that I wanted to share it with each of you. Be blessed.

A Little Reminder – Jenni Catron

I am not called to do what everyone else is doing. 

I believe that… and then I don’t.

I believe it on the days when I am being praised for what I’ve done.

I believe it on days when I feel momentum.

I believe it on days when I’m thriving.


I don’t believe it on the days when it’s just plain hard.

I don’t believe it on days when I feel like the odd girl out.

I don’t believe it on days when no one else validates what I’m doing.

You are called to be you.

Don’t compete.

Don’t compare.

Don’t mimic.

Don’t envy.

Just lead.  Just be.  Just do all that God has specifically called you to do!

Thanks Jenni for sharing.  Each of you go and make it a great day- touch someone and be a blessing along the way.


QUESTION:   In what areas do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

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Big Fish – Little pond!


Louisiana College, (known as LC), is a small Baptist school in Pineville, LA.  It is a beautiful campus with pine trees, magnolias, and Southern charm.  Several of us from our church in Bellevue NE, went to college there. How do you get from Bellevue, NE, to Pineville, LA?  Interesting story.

Bellevue was the home of SAC – Strategic Air Command, for the Air Force.  Most of us in the church were ‘Air Force brats’, as we were commonly called.  As it turns out, one of our youth workers, was married to an Air Force man, and her Dad was the President of LC, Dr. Quinn.  Of course, she told us all about the school, they set up a information night, and the works, and several of us, six I think, decided that was ‘it’.  Not only did we all go, we were all music majors.  Pretty fun, huh?

As I mentioned, LC was a small school, about 900 total for the four year school.  We had all graduated from a high school with over 500 in our Senior class, so a big change.  The good news is it was a chance to really do and be involved in whatever you wanted to do.  Sort of the big fish in a little pond concept.  I was able to be in the music productions, Booster Club, a cheerleader (and my voice professor really did not like that, he almost kicked me out of music department).   The point is, we had choices of things to do.   Another really great thing about it was we had small classes, got to really know the professors, and we felt like they really cared about us and wanted us to succeed.

Most of us were active in local churches.  I was able to direct children choirs, teach Sunday School at a local school for disabled kids, as part of our church reach out program, work in the church office during the summer, and sing in both the adult choir and the singles ensemble.  The opportunities to serve and be part of the working body was a great learning experience, as well as a time of growing closer to the Lord and seeing Him work through all of us.  My roommate, Martha, was a Godsend in many ways.  First, I never knew how to study until I met Martha. Thanks so much – I graduated!  Even more important is that we are still great friends.  She is a wonderful woman of God, and is still serving and ministering in her church.  (There are many others of you, so I  can’t name individually, but just know, you bless my life.)

It is amazing to me that after all these years, so many of my friends in College are still serving, being faithful stewards of the Lord.  Some are in paid positions, and many are lay persons, teaching Sunday School, leading small groups, etc.   They are making a difference in their churches and communities.  This is part of what we learned and practiced while at LC. Little did I realize how God was grooming all of us for His work, for His kingdom.

As you continue to think about your story, can you think of a time when God was grooming you, that now you can see it, but at the time, maybe you didn’t.  These are precious things to remember, and be thankful.

I’d love to hear your story. Will you share it with me?



QUESTION:   Have you been thinking of your story? How has God been grooming you?

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Hand outs- too scary!


Most of the time we talk and tease about the people who hand out tracks.  Mostly because we can’t imagine ourselves doing it.  It’s just too scary. That really is an evangelist, and that is their calling.  So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up   (Ephesians 4:10-12)   We may not be called to be an evangelist, to hand out tracks, but we all have a story to tell.  I hope you are thinking about yours.

Part of my story is about one of those people. When I was a little girl in Abilene, there was a neighbor,  who gave me these handouts that had pretty pictures with scriptures.  I had accepted Jesus into my heart and I loved Him.  I loved going to Sunday School and church, and when we couldn’t go, I taught my brother and sister Sunday School with those pictures.  I think I made my own flannel board type of thing to put them on.  (I guess I was ahead of my time.)

Each summer we would go and visit family.  My grandmother and aunts took me to  Sunday School and VBS. I have a great heritage of Christian women in my family.   Those are wonderful memories, and God was at work through it all, and it was fun.

My dad was in the Air Force so we moved around. We went from Abilene, TX, to Minot, ND, (Yes, it was sooo cold there), next on to Shreveport, LA, and then by Junior High, we were in Bellevue, NE.  It was in in junior high youth group and youth choir that God made a call on my life.  In 7th grade  I sang my first official solo in church. In those junior high years, God placed a call on my heart  and He is still accomplishing that call today.  He who began a work in you is faithful to complete it.

I’ve always been thankful for that man in the neighborhood for sharing God’s word with me through those pretty picture hand outs. I’m also thankful for my youth workers. Bless all of you who may be youth directors, youth workers, those in children’s ministry, etc.  You are making a difference, and you never know how much those seeds you are planting will grow and the fruit they will produce, because you are faithful!

As you think about your story and how Christ has worked and touched  your life, can you remember the people who were there and have touched your life?

I’d love to hear your story.



QUESTION:   Have you been thinking of your story?  Maybe you have some stepping stones too.  Who are some of the people who have touched your life?

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No Dispute, No Debate – Just Truth


No dispute, No debate – Just truth.  Your truth, your story.  Consider the words to a song in the musical TELL IT LIKE IT IS, a youth musical, written by Ralph Carmichael and  Kurt Kaiser, in the late sixties  (and yes, as a matter of fact, I was a youth at that time and sang this musical.)


If I were to tell you what someone told me,

Well, I might miss a detail or two.

For when you describe something you didn’t see,

Then you’re never quite sure that it’s true.

But what we have seen with the eyes of our soul

And with fingers of faith we can feel,

Well, you just have to listen and know that it’s true.

There’s no doubt we believe God is real.

When you share with someone what God  means to you, they can’t dispute it, argue with it, or debate it, because it’s your story.  We don’t have to be theologians, know all the scriptures, or have the answers to the big questions.  We are only responsible for what He means to us.  Whew!  Isn’t that a relief?

Sometimes I think we are timid about sharing Christ because we aren’t a Pastor, or maybe we feel inadequate, but alas, all we have to do is tell our story.  As a believer we have a story of what Christ has done for us. We each have a story of His provision, His peace, His strength. Sharing what Christ has done for us, how He has touched our life, that is our truth.

I am currently doing a Bible study, Stress-Free Believers, by Harold Metzel,  and he talks about this very thing.  Gives you food for thought. (http://www.stressfreebelievers.com)

So go for it.  Tell your story.  My story with Jesus started in Abilene, TX, at age 7, at  a good ole’ Baptist revival.  That’s when I said ‘yes’ to Jesus.  That’s where my journey began.  That’s been quite a few years ago, and His peace and joy continues today.

Next time, the rest of the story, or part of it.



QUESTION:   Do you have a personal story with Jesus?  When did your story  begin?

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Being Present -Again!


Being Present- Again! Thank you Lord for the lesson.

It was a beautiful, bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I was heading back home to Vegas from Phoenix after visiting my Mother.
Much of the drive is four lane divided highway, however, part of it is only two lane.  I will admit that I don’t like two lane roads as it seems there are always those slow cars that get in front of us, and it can be tricky passing them  (Yea, I really like to drive fast, within the speed limit of course =).

About half way thru the trip I was on one of those two lane roads. I was being totally present (it was no coincidence that God gave me that message the other day).  I noticed a car pull out and begin heading down my lane, coming right at me.  I’m thinking, doesn’t this guy see me, surely he is going to pull back in.  But no, he didn’t, and truly, only by the grace of God and His protection, did we not collide!  Since I saw him when he began his move into my lane I was able to slow down and get over  to the edge of the highway. Praise God!  And that is exactly what I did.  Thank you, Jesus, for your protection. Thank you Lord, it was not my time.  The Bible tells us that all of our days are numbered before we are born.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.  PS 139:16 -New Living Translation

That was very affirming on Sat morning, as I rejoiced in the knowledge that He is the only One who controls our days.  Obviously, He still has work for me, which is exciting.

Next, I thanked Him that I was not side-tracked.  I was NOT texting or checking messages, etc.  I hate to admit that I do that sometimes, I try not to do it much, but that day, if I had looked down, or if I hadn’t been ‘present’ in my driving, the day could have ended differently.

  • It was an affirmation of God and His blessings
  • A lesson in ‘being present’  in all circumstances
  • An ‘Ah Ha’ moment – to NOT text and check messages while driving.

I’m going to make a message on my phone that says ‘driving- will check back later’. I’ll follow up and do like those commercials about not texting and driving.

How about you?  Want to join me? No text and drive?

Praising God and wishing you many blessings.



QUESTION:  Do you text and drive, or check email messages?

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