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So many times it’s easier to keep thinking about something than actually doing it.  I know that it true for me. Have you ever felt that?  You know, like learning Spanish or French. We think about it and think about it, and talk about it.  TIme goes by and somehow, well, we still can’t speak the new language.  It could be anything, take a cooking class, learn to sew or to sing, ride in hot air balloon, or run a marathon (how about around the block?) Let’s ask ourselves,   How about now?  How about today?

Let’s look at  1 – 2 – 3

1 – If you were going to do it . . .

  • What would you choose to do?  What is ‘It’?

  • What would it take to do it?

  • What would be the first step?

2 – Next, consider

  • How long would it take to do the first step?  For instance, is the first step making a few phone calls, or stopping by the Community College to find out some information?  How much time would it take?

  • What else would you need to get started? Is there a financial consideration?

  • Are you willing to step out?

3 – Decide a date. Tomorrow, next Monday, when you get back from vacation? Pick a date. How about today?

So here we go –

1 – What do you want?

2 – What will it take?

3 – When will you take the first step?


Why not? We all deserve to have or to add those things to our life that add joy, peace, contentment, or just plain FUN!   Let’s Start Now!



QUESTION:   What is the thing you would love to start doing now?  What is holding you back?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

I am available to speak to your group.  To  Reserve a Date –

delinda@delindalayne.com       702-510-1212


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