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Three quick questions for you and I would love your feedback. In a couple of weeks I am honored to give the message at my church.  For the summer, each week in the Sunday School hour  we are watching the series ‘The Bible”.   The Sunday I speak is the week of the birth of Jesus. Yes I know, and it isn’t even close to Christmas. So I have a couple of questions and I really would love to know your thoughts.

  • When you think of ‘Birth of Jesus’ in the middle of the summer, or anytime other than ‘Official’ Christmas, what does that mean to you?
  • Most of us hear the usual story from Luke each year at Christmas.  Is there a passage or other way of looking at Jesus birth that you would like to hear?
  • Is there a question or thought that you would like to share about His birth.
I am looking forward to hearing and reading your thoughts.  If you prefer to send me a private message my email address is listed below.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

Many Blessings


QUESTION:   Thinking of Christmas in July- what does that mean to you?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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9 comments on “3 Questions for you

  1. Julie Garro says:

    Christmas Day has become so commercialized I just love the thought of the first simple Christmas, even if that was in the middle of the summer. (Keep in mind Christmas does occur in Summer in the southern hemisphere.) I read the other comments. I heard many years ago that Jesus’ birth probably was in the Spring, It hasn’t bothered me a bit.

  2. Five Quick Minutes says:

    Well, Delinda, I have gone ’round and ’round with many who feel the birth took place on Christmas day. Yet there are a few things in the account of Luke which indicate the actual birth may have taken place in the Spring or early Summer.

    For one, the shepherds and flocks would not have been out grazing on the mountainsides for the angel to speak to at the birth of Christ…(Lk. 2:8-9). It would have been too cold for livestock to be out eating during winter months.

    There are a number of other things as well, but that is one example. I’d Google info. on both the “pros” and “cons” of a December birth.

    Take care,

    • HI – In the transition of my blog, I just discovered your comments- so I apologize for delay. Thanks so much for your input. Interesting thoughts – I think I’ll check it out as you suggest. Thanks again- many blessings.

      • Five Quick Minutes says:

        Good luck to you…I bet you will do a very admirable job! Take care and visit again soon.


  3. Robin McColley says:

    Because Jesus is the fulfillment of a promise made by God and because He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, the “Christmas” story is born in my heart not just once a year but every time I think about how much God must love me. It reminds me of humility because Jesus was born in a stable, dark, dingy and not the cleanest place to birth a child. I remember a sermon some years ago about thinking about our own soul before Jesus comes into our lives and the many times we sin even after we have accepted Jesus. For some odd reason every year at Christmas time I get depressed. Some of that comes from not being near family and rembering past Christmas joy. It came to me that some of the commercialism of Christmas makes me sad, but it really sweetens the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas as Christ followers and I don’t go crazy with gifts and stress about spending money that I don’t have. It is really hard to compete with God because Jesus was the very best gift ever to be given to us!

  4. Diane Morton says:

    When I was a kid I went to a Catholic summer camp. We had Christmas in the middle of camp every year. It brings back fond memories. We mostly sang carols and told stories.
    As I have grown older and in my attempts to understand the Bible, there are two things about Christmas that I think about and try to understand. First is in the book of John and the references to “The Word” and all the history included. The word that created the world in the book of Genesis is now made flesh in the Book of John. WOW.
    The other thing has been made clear as my children leave home. I struggle with my children going to college or getting their own apartment, God sent his son to another world, another life for 33 years. During this time he would not hold him, hug him or see him in person. Only by preyer could they converse. What a father to give up 33 years with his son for us!
    Hope I will get to hear your talk.

    • Absolutely! It is so amazing! As humans it is hard to understand that depth of love- but I am so grateful.thanks Diane for sharing

    • Diane- In the transition of the website/blog I missed your comment- I apologize for not responding sooner. I love your story and the sharing of your heart. Really good point- In all of eternity – they separated for 33 years- WOW – it is overwhelming! Such love! thanks for sharing– Bless you!

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