All the More..

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It is a good thing to share our gifts, our talents, our resources.  When we do this we are extending ourselves and opening ourselves up to more and better.  It is so easy to get side-tracked and so caught up in ‘life’ that we forget how much better it is to share.

My sister and I have talked about it many times, and I always remember the scripture in, “…To whom much is given, much is required..”,  but I couldn’t remember where it was in scripture. It is  Luke 12:8.  Thank goodness for  You can find any scripture you are looking for right at your fingertips.

“To whom much is given”  I used to think of that as mainly financial.  As I continue life’s journey I realize this also means our gifts, talents, other resources as well.  What is so amazing is how God takes what we give and blesses it all the more.  As I understand it the ‘much is required’ means it is not a suggestion to share and bless others.  This is what we are ‘required’ to do.  Then God in His riches of glory, He takes it and makes it all the more.  WOW – that is cool!

We all have something to share.  It could be money, time, various skills, or ideas.  For instance, if I have an idea and you have an idea, we each have one, but when we share our idea we now both have two.  However, have you noticed that often when sharing the idea you actually multiply.  Instead of each having two ideas by combining our efforts we begin creating more ideas and it gets better and better.

What have you been given that you can share?

Many Blessings


QUESTION:   What do you think about this? What is an instance of sharing or giving that you’ve experienced?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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2 comments on “All the More..

  1. caucajun55 says:

    Your BEST blog yet – yes the multiplication of people’s talents and ideas is especially true when used to further the Kingdom of Heaven. As with the Five Loavea and Two Fish – God will supernaturally use us on so many levels. WOW ! Gotta love it !

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