They just don’t get it – Yet


They just don’t get it, our kids that is, Yet. Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding job out there.  Yes, we are sometimes considered mean, cruel, we don’t understand, too strict, unfair, etc.  Does this sound familiar parents?  As our kids are growing up they often think we are their enemy, out to make their life hard, so to speak.  Of course we know we love them, are trying to protect them, to teach them, and give them real family values.

Over the last year I have had a few of the great moments that we wait for as parents.  I was just in Kansas City with my son and his future bride.  We had a great visit.  He and I had a couple of wonderful dinners just talking and visiting about normal stuff.   In one of our general conversations he gave me one of those moments.  His bride to be has a sweet young daughter, (my future granddaughter- yippee), and they both have agreed that they  aren’t going to have cable TV in order to protect her from some of the choices that they feel are inappropriate.  Whoo hoo!

Why is that a big deal?  When my son and daughter were young I monitored their TV and movie watching, including ‘no’ GI Joe.  In his mind for a number of years that was just over-protective, and ‘dumb’.  Of course in my opinion, as Mom,  it was way too violent and yes, inappropriate for a young child.  Now he is monitoring and watching out for his soon to be step-daughter. Cool.

Just a week or two ago for Mother’s day, I sent him the ‘reverse’ Mother’s Day that i told you about.  It was a card to him, with me singing, and expressing my joy at being his Mom.  He opened it and sent me a note to thank me.  Then not too long after, he sent a second note saying, it reminded him of when I used to sing to him when I tucked him in at night. Ahhh!  That was so sweet.  They do pay attention and they remember.

So HANG IN THERE parents =). Many times it is hard to be strong and hold your ground.  You may be the only parents on the block that don’t allow drinking in your home, or the only ones who only allow other kids over when you are there, and you may the only one who won’t let them watch ‘GI Joe’, etc.   It will be worth it.

It comes around, and it is sweet to watch them grow up and make those mental shifts when ‘we’ are not the bad guys any  more.  Isn’t it funny how smart we are becoming.  Don’t you love it?



QUESTION:   Have you had any of those ‘sweet’ moments you’d like to share?

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2 comments on “They just don’t get it – Yet

  1. Suzy Oquist says:

    A few years ago I was moving my son to Shreveport, Louisiana to a new job for him. We were in the middle of Texas when all of a sudden he turned to me and said, “You know Mom, Dad isn’t so stupid after all. He is really pretty smart and I am lucky to have him as my dad.” Where as I turned to
    him and said, “I know honey, but< don't tell me. You should be telling him.
    I was so proud of him and I thanked God that he WAS listening.
    Suzy O.

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