What ya thinkin’ about…?


What Ya thinkin’ about???  It’s important to pause and think about… what your thinking about.

Have you heard that statement or saying, What you think about, you bring about?    The Bible says it a little bit differently, Proverbs 23:7, “As a man (or woman) thinketh in his heart, so he is”.

Ummm, so let’s see, what are we thinking about?  Are we listening to what God has to tell us?  In His word, in His still small voice, or through Christian friends.  God uses many ways to talk to us.

Or, are we only listening to the voice of the world.  The voice that fills our hearts and minds with images that make us feel ‘less’, that make us feel discontent, giving us images of what we are not.

God gives us hope and gives us dreams of what He has for us. When we are ‘thinking’ on these things it opens up our minds to new possibilities. So Dream Big (a great song by the way, from The Martins ).

When we allow ourselves to believe what God has said, and we think on these things and believe in our  heart, He will bring to fruition. After all,  it was HIS idea. Hallelujah!



QUESTION:   What is a dream that you have stored in your heart?

I’d love your comments – see area below.

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4 comments on “What ya thinkin’ about…?

  1. Another winning blog and great food for thought. Your last blog, “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” inspired me enough to give a friendship yet another chance…and our evening together serve a purpose on many levels.
    In today’s blog, I particularly liked this…. And I quote you: “God gives us hope and gives us dreams of what He has for us. When we are ‘thinking’ on these things it opens up our minds to new possibilities. So Dream Big.”
    I am ALL ’bout THAT – and it’s a constant reminder that we should NEVER limit ourselves by limiting God.

    • Right on! Thanks for you thoughts and sharing-And now I quote you- I love it.. “Never limit ourselves by limiting God” as we are the ones who limit– Not Him!

  2. Robin McColley says:

    Thanks wonderful girlfriend! All I have been reading in my daily devotions and in couple of books I have been reading (trying to flood my heart and mind with words from God) declare that God wants us to trust him fully as He leads us where he wants us to go and he is with us when we faulter and stumble on our journey. His will for us is always good and perfect even if we feel we are not. We just have to stay connected to Him even if it means just hanging on for your life and be ready for the joy he brings us so we can give Him all the honor and glory! (I am feeling better) Praise God!

    • I am so glad Robin that you chose to flood yourself with Him as opposed to the times we often run .. You are so right – He will bring Joy! Bless you dear friend

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