Top Ten – Really 11 – ‘MOM’ list


Yes it is Mother’s Day weekend.  My sister and I are driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix to spend Sunday with our Mother.  We are certainly blessed that she is still alive. Her mind is sound, her memory great, better than mine actually, and she only has a few health issues.  We are blessed and thankful.

The other side of Mother’s Day is BEING a Mother.  That is where my mind goes during this time.  Mentally I go back to the day each of my children were born.  I am thankful.  I usually talk to them and thank them.. for being.  Thanks to them, both my children, I am a Mother.

It is one of my greatest joys and blessings to be a Mom.  God’s gifts.  Now of course they didn’t have anything to do with it, but still, it is because they are  my children, that I am a Mother.  A kind of reverse Mother’s Day thought.  So I thank them and let them know I love, appreciate them, and am proud of them. (See below a beautiful ‘Reverse” Mother’s Day from

Being a parent is a roller coaster ride, high and lows, twists and turns, did I say ups and downs.  A lot of the time it it isn’t smooth, but then again, it’s not boring, and that is a good thing, right?

When they were babies, only 20 months apart, by the way,  I was a little crazy, but I was so happy that I was blessed to be home with them.  When they got older and I could go to the classroom and be involved with them, I was glad to be home with them.  Then the teens years came, I thought it would be easier as they got older… Right? Well, not so much, and for even more reasons I was glad to be available, and worked my Mary Kay business from home.  This scenario isn’t the same for all Moms, no judgement, just saying how it was for me.

Here’s my Top Ten – what I’ve learned list:

  1. Live and share the love of Christ
  2. Enjoy the time at each age
  3. Things change in a heartbeat so be flexible
  4. Love unconditionally – even, or especially, when it is hard
  5. Accept each child as an individual
  6. Give children some responsibility in the home, to be a part of how it works
  7. Be honest and open with your children, in as much as they can understand
  8. Love unconditionally (I know I said this before, but it’s really important)
  9. Listen- Let your child have a voice (a respectful, considerate voice, but let them talk)
  10. Respect your child

Oh I guess there really is 11

11 – Love unconditionally – They will make different choices, they will make mistakes.. but then again, who doesn’t.  They need to know beyond anything else, that they will never lose your love, and are in your heart.

Well my friends, that is my Top Ten, really 11,  list of parenting. Maybe we should just make it an even dozen.

What would you add to the list?    (or we can make it a Top Fifteen… or Twenty… or whatever =)

(BTW- I’ll be driving back on Monday so won’t send a new Post til Tuesday.)



QUESTION:   What would you add to the ‘List’ for the top Dozen?

I’d love your comments- see area below.

‘Reverse’  Mother’s Day card from

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4 comments on “Top Ten – Really 11 – ‘MOM’ list

  1. Thanks D – so glad you had a great trip last week. Blessings

  2. dlwhite3 says:

    Love this sweet messages and blessings to you and sister on your safe trip to see your sweet MOM! I spent last weekend with my sweet step-mother and prayers for My Mom ~Mary who is spending it with Jesus! Blessings!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you too and may God bless you Dear sister!

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