WHEW- Be Free


WHEW – To be free is a wonderful feeling.

Yesterday I had the opportunity and privilege to deliver the message at my church.  Now I’ve spoken in a variety of places, women events, retreats, and luncheons.  This, however, was the first time to do a Sunday morning church service.  On the one hand I am used to speaking to women, and feel a lot of freedom to just tell it like it is, let down, and have fun.  Sunday morning worship service takes on a different perspective, or at least in my mind it did.

As I was preparing and listening to what God had to tell me, I realized that the concepts that are important to me, that I am passionate about, are valid to all people, not just women.

So, I had to just be me, speak what God placed on my heart, and share the message through the gifts He gave me.  I move around, go out to the congregation, and we all become part of the message.  I love it when the people respond and participate.

In my early years of singing I thought I had to be still, not draw attention to myself.  I wore my darkest dress, very drab as a matter of fact, and didn’t move.  I would just open my mouth and sing, with no expression.  I thought that people would see God through me if I wasn’t in the way. It wasn’t until I was out of college that I had the Ah-Ha moment.  God called me to be me. He wants to use the gifts, the personality, the energy, everything about me, to share His music and word.  WHEW,  what a relief.  It was a burden lifted. It was freedom to ‘Be’.

Those who know me now, with my high heels, and jewelry, and often hot pink and red, will find that pretty funny.  I raise my hands, laugh at myself, and allow myself to be me. It is all about growth and understanding what God has for us. Also to realize He created each of us to be unique and special.

We aren’t an accident or an oversight.  Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, Before you were born I set you apart. Jer. 1:5.

Enjoy being the person God created you be. When we live in that freedom, life is sweeter and more abundant.



QUESTION:   In what areas do you not feel free?  Have you had an Ah-Ha moment about being free?

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