104 years old – WOW


George Beverly Shea – 104 years old- WOW!  Now he is singing in heavenly choir- and probably a solo and testimony to the Father Himself,  maybe even ‘How Great Thou Art’ .

I’m sharing this video with you today in celebration of George Beverly Shea’s life and God’s faithfulness.  What a testimony this man had and dedicated his life to Christ.



QUESTION:   What do you see as your best gift or attribute?  Yes I want you to think about again- You do have gifts1

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4 comments on “104 years old – WOW

  1. dlwhite3 says:

    I was so blessed….yes so blessed! This brought tears of joy that a sweet man had lived a full righteous life for God! Now they share it all in Heaven….waiting on the rest of us! Blessing Delinda!

  2. Thanks! Yes he was a blessing to our time!

  3. caucajun55 says:

    Another great blog – and thank you for including the wonderful and memorable video of such a legend in such a great era of our lives.

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