Big Fish – Little pond!


Louisiana College, (known as LC), is a small Baptist school in Pineville, LA.  It is a beautiful campus with pine trees, magnolias, and Southern charm.  Several of us from our church in Bellevue NE, went to college there. How do you get from Bellevue, NE, to Pineville, LA?  Interesting story.

Bellevue was the home of SAC – Strategic Air Command, for the Air Force.  Most of us in the church were ‘Air Force brats’, as we were commonly called.  As it turns out, one of our youth workers, was married to an Air Force man, and her Dad was the President of LC, Dr. Quinn.  Of course, she told us all about the school, they set up a information night, and the works, and several of us, six I think, decided that was ‘it’.  Not only did we all go, we were all music majors.  Pretty fun, huh?

As I mentioned, LC was a small school, about 900 total for the four year school.  We had all graduated from a high school with over 500 in our Senior class, so a big change.  The good news is it was a chance to really do and be involved in whatever you wanted to do.  Sort of the big fish in a little pond concept.  I was able to be in the music productions, Booster Club, a cheerleader (and my voice professor really did not like that, he almost kicked me out of music department).   The point is, we had choices of things to do.   Another really great thing about it was we had small classes, got to really know the professors, and we felt like they really cared about us and wanted us to succeed.

Most of us were active in local churches.  I was able to direct children choirs, teach Sunday School at a local school for disabled kids, as part of our church reach out program, work in the church office during the summer, and sing in both the adult choir and the singles ensemble.  The opportunities to serve and be part of the working body was a great learning experience, as well as a time of growing closer to the Lord and seeing Him work through all of us.  My roommate, Martha, was a Godsend in many ways.  First, I never knew how to study until I met Martha. Thanks so much – I graduated!  Even more important is that we are still great friends.  She is a wonderful woman of God, and is still serving and ministering in her church.  (There are many others of you, so I  can’t name individually, but just know, you bless my life.)

It is amazing to me that after all these years, so many of my friends in College are still serving, being faithful stewards of the Lord.  Some are in paid positions, and many are lay persons, teaching Sunday School, leading small groups, etc.   They are making a difference in their churches and communities.  This is part of what we learned and practiced while at LC. Little did I realize how God was grooming all of us for His work, for His kingdom.

As you continue to think about your story, can you think of a time when God was grooming you, that now you can see it, but at the time, maybe you didn’t.  These are precious things to remember, and be thankful.

I’d love to hear your story. Will you share it with me?



QUESTION:   Have you been thinking of your story? How has God been grooming you?

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6 comments on “Big Fish – Little pond!

  1. dlwhite3 says:

    Oh Delinda, your Music is a daily quench of spiritual waters that flow from God to a needed soul of mine and others! Thank you!

  2. dlwhite3 says:

    Hello sweet dear friend Delinda! What a blessed life you have had, and of one is serving God! He is always in the grooming stage with for us all one time or another. Yet, He makes us equipped to serve others in a very spiritual way as you say! Yet ,I too remember a time back in the mid 70’s and mid 80’s of 10 years of my life, which I felt under fire and living on the potter’s wheel. God took me molded me and made me after His Will and showed me His Plan for me, it was not my plan, it was His, to do His Will and service. To be loving to others, especially the unlovely. I had to learn to get me completely out of the way to serve Him totally. He let me know on no certain terms He would be the godhead of my life and will bless my life, if I will hold nothing of my back for myself. I was brought to a place of totally humility and saw His blessings continually in my life and most of all others feeling some self-worth and giving God the Glory, just for being having obedience. Sounds simple and easy right, it is a “die to self daily”, prayer to my Lord. I love Jesus so much, that I always want to show Him my gratitude and a good attitude by serving others and telling others the “Greatest Story Ever Told”, It’s all about you dear Jesus! Thank Delinda for letting me share my heart of love for you and may all find the sweetest love out of God, through the sweetest Man whom ever lived~Jesus! Blessings! 😀

    • Hi D
      Thank you for sharing your story and heart. It is a blessing to look back and be able to see His faithfulness, and as we continue to grow it reminds us He is always with us- Bless you-

  3. Jan Lee Waites says:

    Overall, the professors at LC were such Godly examples, themselves! It was a great place to find your own voice for the Lord!

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