No Dispute, No Debate – Just Truth


No dispute, No debate – Just truth.  Your truth, your story.  Consider the words to a song in the musical TELL IT LIKE IT IS, a youth musical, written by Ralph Carmichael and  Kurt Kaiser, in the late sixties  (and yes, as a matter of fact, I was a youth at that time and sang this musical.)


If I were to tell you what someone told me,

Well, I might miss a detail or two.

For when you describe something you didn’t see,

Then you’re never quite sure that it’s true.

But what we have seen with the eyes of our soul

And with fingers of faith we can feel,

Well, you just have to listen and know that it’s true.

There’s no doubt we believe God is real.

When you share with someone what God  means to you, they can’t dispute it, argue with it, or debate it, because it’s your story.  We don’t have to be theologians, know all the scriptures, or have the answers to the big questions.  We are only responsible for what He means to us.  Whew!  Isn’t that a relief?

Sometimes I think we are timid about sharing Christ because we aren’t a Pastor, or maybe we feel inadequate, but alas, all we have to do is tell our story.  As a believer we have a story of what Christ has done for us. We each have a story of His provision, His peace, His strength. Sharing what Christ has done for us, how He has touched our life, that is our truth.

I am currently doing a Bible study, Stress-Free Believers, by Harold Metzel,  and he talks about this very thing.  Gives you food for thought. (

So go for it.  Tell your story.  My story with Jesus started in Abilene, TX, at age 7, at  a good ole’ Baptist revival.  That’s when I said ‘yes’ to Jesus.  That’s where my journey began.  That’s been quite a few years ago, and His peace and joy continues today.

Next time, the rest of the story, or part of it.



QUESTION:   Do you have a personal story with Jesus?  When did your story  begin?

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2 comments on “No Dispute, No Debate – Just Truth

  1. caucajun55 says:

    Another great blog Delinda. You’ve brought to light WHO God really is – He’s a PERSONAL God – He’s not just ‘up there’ or ‘out there’. We can have a PERSONAL relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus. Just take, say, a person like yourself. You have many many people in your life that you relate to based on your relationship with that person, individually.

    God is just like that indeed….and He meets us in our relationship with Him as far as we’re willing and able to go – He allows us to develop our own personal relationship with Him – never forcing it – but is always open to allow us to go deeper with Him and then carrying us to new heights of awareness – it’s all a very personal perspective – all very special, but individualized for each of us.

    Thanks Delinda, for your ‘Blog that Jogs” our awareness, today.

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