Being Present 1-2-3


Being Present- an interesting phrase.  Just what does it mean?

I’ve spent a good part of my life ‘not’ being present.  As I would be doing one thing I would be thinking about several others, my brain racing from what’s next, what am I doing next week, vacation plans, yearly goals, etc.  I found that time passed, way too quickly, and I wasn’t really enjoying much.   Have you ever felt that way?

So, I made a decision-

  1. STOP.  Yes, stop and think about what I was doing, what  I want to do,  how to spend my time.  Stop and think about what I want for my life.
  2. MAKE A LIST – yep here we go again, those lists.  List the important things that I decided on in #1.
  3. DECIDE TO BE PRESENT.  No matter where I am… Be There!

What brought this to mind was a trip to see my Mother this week.  My normal thought is, do I have the time to go?  I decided it was important.  She is in her 80’s and the time we have is special. I am a doer and high energy, and these visits mean I go into slow motion, turn off the thoughts of what else I need to be doing, etc., and be present.  Does this make sense?

The blessing is, when I am present,  the time does become special.  I focus on her, help her with some things that she needs done, we went shopping, and she got her hair colored.  This may not sound like a big deal, but to her it was.  She doesn’t like going to the salon, but she was comfortable with me going with her.  It made memories.

When I get home I’ll pick up the other balls and handle them as necessary.  No matter what it is, by being present, I enjoy my time, don’t have as many regrets, and I’m making memories.   Not bad trade-offs.

Even while I am writing this, I am present. I want to share lessons I am learning and share some insight to who I am as we share this journey together.



QUESTION:  Do you ever find that you are ‘not’ present, but just doing?  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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2 comments on “Being Present 1-2-3

  1. JOWVER says:

    We like this and all of your blogs. Just haven’t learned how to “like” it on the computer. Joice and Bill

  2. Sherry says:

    Another beautifully written and insightful post. This is really hard to conquer for someone with ADHD Multi-tasker. SO glad the memories were made with your Mother.

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