The Body in Motion!


The Body in motion is a beautiful thing!  This week at our church one of our members and Elders took care of the copier and the overhead projector, both in bad need of repair.  He arranged to get it done and also did a good bit of it himself.  He seems to be able to figure out the answers to things and get it done.  As I began to look around and reflecting on the others that I serve with, I see God at work in so many ways.  The ladies that set out the refreshments each week, making the coffee, cutting the fruit, etc., the greeters on Sunday morning welcoming people as they come in, the ushers who smile and help people to their seat, or answer questions, these are all part of the Body in motion.  There are the musicians, the Pastors, the ladies who run powerpoint, the young man from local high school who runs the sound equipment,  the man who comes in each week and makes sure the hymnals are set and the friendship pads have a pen, the ladies who set our Communion elements, the Sunday School teachers, and helpers, are all part of the body.  We also have the other behind the scenes people who are on committees, who help to administrate the church, the lady who prepares the bulletin, the one who lights the candle in the front, and those in the congregation that take the time to encourage and uplift others.  Gosh, I could probably go on for a while, and we are a small congregation.

It takes everyone, a combining of the gifts, and pooling together of resources to make it all work.  Each person is important, just as each part of the body is necessary to be healthy and functioning.

Thank you to all the unsung heroes, those who are seen in their work, and those who are not.  God has a plan, He brought us all together to share in ministry and work together. Hallelujah!

Now you are the body of Christ,and each one of you is a part of it- I Cor. 12:27

When we look around , it really is the same all around us.  In our homes, churches, business.  When we each work together and share our gifts and talents with others… somehow it all works.  It’s God way, and it’s His plan.  Pretty cool!

Have a blessed day!


QUESTION:  What gifts are you sharing with others?  Who do you want tell that you notice and appreciate them?

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