About Me –


About Me –

I notice that most of the bloggers start with the ‘About Me’ post.  Well, I’m a little late, but here we go.

I am a Christian woman navigating these crazy and often demanding times.  I am a wife, mother of two great children, no grandchildren-yet, a sister, daughter, and friend.

Sometimes I wear so many hats that I forget which I’m wearing when, and at any particular moment I may add a new hat just for fun.

For about 15 years I was a pink Cadillac Director with Mary Kay cosmetics.  That was a wonderful blessing allowing me to encourage, inspire, and share life some wonderful women.  I speak and sing at conferences, conventions, retreats,  and I  am a worship leader in my home church in Las Vegas.

This is my personal blog where I  share lessons I’ve learned, need to learn, and others I am still in the process of learning.  In that regard, the biggest  ‘in progress’    is me.

God is ‘tweaking’ me to become more in tune with Him, and bring me in closer relationship with Him.  Come share the journey with me and share your thoughts.   I really mean it, I want to hear from you!

I typically post three times a week, sometimes more.



QUESTION:  Do  you have a question that you would like to ask?

To Check My Availability  or to Reserve a Date for Speaking 

delinda@delindalayne.com                   702-510-1212

http://www.delinda-info.com          http://www.reverbnation.com/delindalayne


2 comments on “About Me –

  1. delindalayne says:

    Hey Robin – Amen and Amen- it is such a blessing to share this journey together, and you are right, when we look back at how faithful He has been, it encourages us to realize He continues to be. We can trust Him!

  2. Robin McColley says:

    Hey girlfriend, it is so great to be on this earthly journey with you. Each stage of life that I enter I am greatful that our faithful and loving God encourages me to look back on my life and see all the times he has been with me through all the really difficult times. As I do the devotion I chose for this lent season he encourages me to trust him more which is not easy when the “world” says we have to trust ourselves more than Him. I can’t say I enjoy the “tweaking” but it does encourage me to trust and follow Him. Love ya sister in Christ!

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