Gratitude’s A Choice


Thank you.  Don’t you love those words?

There are several other words that can be used – here’s a list from Thesaurus:
appreciative, beholden, contented, gratified, indebted, overwhelmed, pleased, satisfied.

Gratitude is a choice.    Have you ever thought about it that way?  Here’s a song lyric I’d like to share, because sometimes I don’t think we stop and think about it actually being a choice.

Gratitude’s A Choice

An attitude of gratitude will help you,  help you  make your day

‘Cause there’s  good times,  and there’s bad times, be thankful  just to survive

It’s  your perspective,  It’s all  from, it’s all from  your point of view

 Take each moment, and savor, be grateful to be alive


So Be thankful,  for what you got

Don’t whine,  for what you don’t

 So be thankful,  ’cause it’s a fact

When you’re thankful,  more will come back

It’s a choice, a choice,

It’s a choice, yes, gratitude’s a choice

It’s a choice, a choice,

Choose to be grateful, Gratitude’s a choice            

(TM) (R)  (original May 2012)


I am blessed, grateful, thankful for life.  Thankful for all of you who share with me on this blog, share in the music, share in life.

Each day is a blessing, and an opportunity to make a difference.



QUESTION: What are you thankful today?  Is there someone that you’re thankful for?   Go tell them.


2 comments on “Gratitude’s A Choice

  1. delindalayne says:

    And back to you my beautiful friends- You bless my life in so many ways!

  2. JOWVER says:

    Thank You!

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