EXPRESS YOURSELF – 5 Steps to Start!


EXPRESS YOURSELF – It’s time to start!  WOW- here we are.  We’ve learned some things about ourselves,  looked at some of the negativity in our lives, and have released them, or at least we are in the process.YEAH!  (BTW, It is a process and doesn’t happen overnight)

Now, the fun begins.  Back to our original question.  What would you do if you couldn’t fail, if there were no limits?

Begin to identify it.  Write them down, sometimes there is more than one.  Sometimes there are small or immediate goals and then there are the long term goals. (I guess you have noticed that I am all about writing things down.  I find it makes it more real)

Let’s take one thing- one goal, or dream or desire.

  1. Name it (Go to college, own a bakery, learn to play the piano, take a special trip, etc.)
  2. Visualize it. What does it look like?
  3. What will it take to make it happen?  We are dreaming here so just write down what you think it would take. (Money, time, help, etc)
  4. What can you do today that would take you one step closer to this goal?
  5. START

Until you begin to see the goal, see what it will look like, you can’t begin to move forward.  Today it may be just a phone call, or doing some online research.

For instance, let’s take going to college.  Maybe you have always wanted to go, or wanted to finish your degree, etc.  I have a friend I really admire who always wanted to be a doctor, but was told a lot of those negative messages.  Well, in her late 40’s she decide to do it.  She released those negative thoughts, put them behind her and  she went back to school. She is now a doctor and has her own practice. Go Girl!

Look at it closely, make your list, and start.    Find out requirements, ask them to send you information, or get their web address.  Maybe tomorrow you do some research.  You can only finish  and accomplish a goal or a dream by starting.  I know that is like, Duh, but it’s surprising how many times the goal itself seems so big that we are afraid, scared, overwhelmed by it.  However, when you break it down and take one step at a time, it is manageable. You can eat an elephant, a bite at a time. =)

So ask yourself, what am I doing today that will take me one step closer to goal.  Taking the steps moves us forward.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be setbacks, re-adjustments, or that it is easy, but somehow when you are moving forward for something you love and desire, it is all worthwhile.




QUESTION:   What is the first item on your list?  What is your first step?


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