Express Yourself!  You have gifts and talents to share.

We are taking these steps together.  My prayer is that as we continue you will truly begin to see how special you are.  God loves you beyond measure and wants the best for you.

Have you discovered any new things about yourself?   Did you have the talk with your friend?  Isn’t it a blessing to get that affirmation. I would love for you to share with me about that journey and how you feel.

These next steps may be a little uncomfortable but will give you freedom.  Freedom to truly express yourself through your gifts, and to open yourself up to the blessings that God has for you.  It is a journey, and it working for me.  I am right there with you taking it a step at a time.

1 – Look closely at your friends and family, and make a note as to how they make you feel.  To move forward you need to release negativity and the things that hold you back.  Many times, it’s the voices in our head that tell us, no, we can’t, or we are not smart enough, pretty enough, too thin, too fat, etc.  You know what I mean.  We all have them and often it’s the voices of the people closest to us.

2 – Write down the things you hear in your head.  It really helps to see it on paper.  In order to get past them, to deal with it, we have to see and acknowledge it.  So, again, write them down.

3 – Pray. Turn it over to Christ.  He loves you.  He has given you gifts, passion, and wants life in abundance for you.  A life of peace, joy, and love.  If those voices in your head don’t support what He wants, if those statements don’t line up with what the Bible says about you and His love for you, then get rid of the them.  Pray that He will heal you and give you new thoughts, help you be all He has created you to be.

4 – Rip it up!  Yes, take your list and rip it up, tear it up, burn it, etc.  This is such a freeing experience and so visual.  Get rid of that list of negative sayings.  They are not real, and those thoughts are not who you are. When you turn it over to Christ He will take it, and you will begin the journey of new discovery of His will for you.  You will begin to look at yourself through His eyes, and He will ignite the passion within you.  After all, He is the One who put it there.

You are a child of the King, the Most High God, Creator of the universe.  He sent His Son Jesus for you.  He is your Redeemer, Prince of Peace, Living water.  You have worth, value, talents, and gifts from Him.  His opinion is the only one that matters.



QUESTION:   What is the first item on your list?  Are you ready to get rid of the negative self talk?


Blessings! I'd love to hear Your Thoughts:

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