Express Yourself – and ASK!


Express Yourself!  You have gifts and talents to share.

Did you make your list?  How about talking to a close friend who supports and encourages you, did you ask them for input?

I’ve done this and have found it to be so helpful.  A few years ago, while a Director in Mary Kay, I asked two of my very special friends those questions, and I did learn something about myself.  They told me that I was genuine and people believed me when I talked.  Now I was surprised.  I thought I was just a happy fun person and that we all had a great time together.  That is great too, but when they said I was believable and inspired trust, I began to look at myself differently and began to look for ways that God could use me in new areas.

What about you?  If you haven’t talked to a friend and asked them, maybe call and ask them to coffee and ask.  Here’s how I began the conversation.

1 – Ask them for their support and encouragement up front.  Maybe something like this, ” You know, Susie, I really trust you as my friend, and I want to make a change in my life, so I want some positive  input from you.”  Now they are going to be a little set back, wondering what you are going to ask.  By telling them up front you want positive input, you are setting the parameters.

2 – Then ask that person if it OK to ask them the question.  This shows them how important they are to you, and it makes sure that they feel good about discussing this topic with you, even though at the moment they are not sure what it is.

3 – Ask the question, and listen.  The question is something along the lines of, what do you think is my best quality, or talent?  What do you see in  me that sets me apart, or makes me special?  For you, what is so cool is that they thought this was going to be really hard, but instead they can tell you how much they like you and the things about you.  Chances are, they will have more than one thing to say.  It is so affirming and many times enlightening.  As I mentioned before, sometimes our friends see talents and gifts in us that we don’t see.

You will be blessed and so will they.  It will take your friendship to a deeper place.

Now, let me say this, if you go through the steps and they don’t tell you anything good, or make you feel small for asking, then you have just chosen the wrong person to ask.  It’s not you, it’s them. Many times it is  based on jealousy.  So please don’t get detoured or afraid.  Look at the people in your life again, and make another choice.

We will take a look at the next step, next time.



QUESTION:  Will you take the chance and ask someone close to you for their input?  If not, why?



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