Letting Go! Really- Do I Have To?


Letting Go!  Really – Do I have to?  Do you ever feel that way? Do you find that letting go, or releasing, is one of the hardest things to do?  It is for me.  About the time I think I have released things from my life, God begins to show me other places and areas that I am still trying to control.  Did you notice the word I used, ‘trying’?  The truth is we all know that we really aren’t in control, and logically, I don’t want to be.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying to take over and handle things myself.

Here are a couple consistent things I notice when I am wanting to ‘control’.  My warning signs, or flags that alert me.

1- Resistant – I find that when I feel resistant to something, it is either because I want to control it, or someone else is telling me how to do it, or that I should do it.  I’m not very good with you should, and you ought to, or you’ve got to.  Gosh, that is hard to admit.

2- Bristle – Yes, when I feel the bristle, the feathers ruffle, or whatever you may want to call it, that is when I know I’ve hit another ‘control’ issue.  Do you know what I mean, that feeling that someone is stepping on your toes?  Let’s say, you are on a committee, or at work, and you’ve got it all worked out.  Maybe someone jumps in and shares ideas, that you don’t want to hear, or you like how you do it, or maybe have the “we’ve always done it that way’, mentality.  Again, this is a sure sign that we are not being open to change and to possibilities.  When we are holding things too tightly, we don’t leave room for God to move and work in us.

Many times in the past, I would ignore those early warning signs, and sometimes it would get way out of hand.  We tend to dwell on it, obsess about it, blow it out of proportion. Can you identify?  These are the kind of things that can hurt relationships, divide people, and cause damage.  I’ve found that if I pay attention, notice the warning signs, and immediately turn it over to the Lord, I can avoid a lot of those painful things.  By asking God to help me see it from a different perspective, and release it to Him, it avoids a lot of hurt.  Not only that, it gives me freedom.   Many times what I bristle about and want to control, God takes and turns into something beautiful, much better than I could do. Duh!

Part of it could be that  being the oldest child, or the daughter of an alcoholic, that makes me bristle, or become resistant, when someone tells me what do or how to do it.  Ouch – This is not a good trait in myself, so I am working on it.  Or rather, God is working on me working on it.  My prayer is that God will continue to show me those areas so I can release control and  turn it over to Him. Truly, He has a better plan, and He can handle it much better than I.   Hallelujah!

Let Go and let God!



QUESTION:  How about you?  Do you have areas where you get resistant and try to control?


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