TOP 5 Tips – from Experience


Top 5 Tips – from Experience

You’ve heard me mention our GIFTS group at church.  We met Friday morning, and we took a detour from our book. Each person shared their thoughts on marriage.  Some brought photos, which was really fun to see.  The ladies shared about how they met their husband, told about the wedding, honeymoon, etc.  We even had 2 that eloped.

I really should have written down the total number of  ‘married’ years because it was amazing.  The lowest number of years married was 11, and she is the youngest as well.  The highest was my dear friend Mickie, who by the way celebrates her 62 years on Saturday, YES, 62 years of marriage.  Isn’t that incredible?  Let me see if I can remember and make at least an almost complete list, 11, 25, 34, 29, 32, 36, 52, 62, 61.  That is not their ages, that is the number of years they have been married to the same man.  Oh, and Bill and I will celebrate 35 this year as well.

So here is the advice of some of the ladies, I call them the marriage pros, who are still living it, and have some wisdom to share.

  • When you say ‘I Do’ mean it and don’t be thinking of ‘what if it doesn’t work’
  • Don’t go to bed mad
  • Pick the right guy in the first place, know him and his family
  • Love him (I know that seems pretty obvious doesn’t it)
  • Have Christ as the center of the marriage (actually, this is #1)

Tiffany, our leader, shared a devotional with us and suggested reading  what is commonly called the ‘love’ chapter, I Corinthians 13.  Read it aloud and substitute your name wherever it says the word ‘love’   It makes it read a little differently and may show you the areas where you might want to improve, or will show you where you are right on.

Love is….. patient, love is kind,….. now put your name in.

Let me hear from you!



QUESTION: Do you have a ‘tip’ to share?  What works for you?

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One comment on “TOP 5 Tips – from Experience

  1. Barb Milton says:

    make sure there is a clear path in the front door, clear of toys, shoes, boots, book bags, etc when he comes home! And of course establish his special man-chair, man room, whatever you have room for!

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