Sugar and Spice


“Being a woman of God in a crazy demanding world.”

Sugar and Spice…and everything nice.  We’re taught to be ‘Sugar’ but sometimes God calls us to be ‘Spice’.

As little girls we were taught to be nice,  speak only when spoken to, pretty is as pretty does, children are to be seen and not heard.  I was raised, a girl, in a Southern home, daughter of a Colonel in the Air Force, and believe me there were rules on behavior.  Well, after a lifetime of being ‘nice’ I have good news for you– are you ready?

God has big plans for you and sometimes He may want you to be ‘SPICE’.  Isn’t that great?  Sometimes He wants us to spice up things a bit, like oregano or paprika.  There are times when He has more flavor in mind, like cayenne pepper.  That certainly spices things up a bit.

As Christians we are always called to be the salt (Matthew 5:13).  Just like salt brings out  the flavor in our food, we are to add flavor, God’s flavor, His love, to those around us.  Often He has more in mind – more spice.

For me, God has often called me to be the Cayenne pepper.  He has given me a lot of energy and ideas.  He likes to use me as the catalyst, to stirs things up a bit, and get things done.  Sometimes people like cayenne pepper, and sometimes they don’t, but that is OK.  It’s OK for you, too.  Just be what God has called you to be, and to do, in your circle of influence.

For fun, think about what flavor you are.  Is God calling you to be pepper, or oregano, maybe paprika.  Whatever spice He calls you to, don’t hold back.  Let Him add His flavor to your home, committees, meetings, and activities by being the ‘Spice’ He has called you to be.

Have  a ‘Spicy’ week-


QUESTION:  What spice are you now in your life, or what spice have you been in the past?  We can make a list of how many different spices God is using out there to win His world.

HELP – All you ladies who are cooks out there- I need your help.  Since being a great cook is ‘not’ what I am, I’d love your input on the various spices you use in your actual cooking, and why you use them.  What do your various spices do, how do they add flavor, etc.  I have a few,  but my resources are few.  Send me your list.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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2 comments on “Sugar and Spice

  1. sallyjadlow says:

    Perhaps I’m cinnamon; sweet comfort. . . at least I hope so.

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