We are all moved in- Hallelujah!  We’re almost decorated for Christmas, and nearly finished with the old house.  We still have some cleaning to do over there, and getting all the ‘give-away’ things to new owners. Out of my hands into theirs. Things are clicking along.

So did you catch that… almost decorated for Christmas?  Yes, I had a brain-storm (maybe you have already done this kind of thing, but it was new to me).  When the movers came, I had them put all the Christmas decorations in the living room, not the garage.  While I was packing, I packed all the decorator, non- Christmas items, in boxes and marked, so I can go to them after the first of the year.  So as I unpacked, I decorated, and it looks great.  I saved myself several extra steps by doing that.

We are having two parties this week.  A ladies group from church, GIFTS, is coming for brunch on Friday.  Then, on Sunday, the congregation is invited for dinner as part of our ’55 Alive’ ministry.   It’ll be great fun, and I am almost ready-Yippee!

Moving is hard, tiring, fun, interesting… has ups and downs… makes us change.  I believe change is good, most of the time.  You notice I didn’t say easy.  Most of the time it is hard, but it keeps us fresh.  Change keeps us from becoming stagnant, stuck in the proverbial rut, and keeps us depending on God, and that is the most important.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through the move.  Hopefully, the next time, when it is your turn, you will have a few new ideas and will use it as a time of releasing and freedom for yourself. 


Just another thought or two on ‘Releasing’.  Have you ever thought about how freeing it can be to ‘Release’?  As I’ve been in moving mode, and releasing ‘stuff’,  so many thoughts have come to mind.

For instance,the more stuff you have, the more you have to worry about. I think we are owned by what we own.  Often, it also means we are  over committed financially, which is another way of feeling tied down and pressured.  As we release the stuff, release some of the financial commitments, maybe consider getting out of debt, we begin to feel free.

When we have less pressure and less responsibility, we are free.  Free to give of our resources when opportunities come up.  We are free to volunteer our time, to be more available when God opens a door.  Free to choose what we want to do, and not always feel that we are only doing what we have to do.  Freedom to act upon the nudge God gives us to stop in and visit someone, or take a meal, or sponsor a child. When we are so weighted down, in so many areas, we are aren’t flexible. Does that make any sense to you? Freedom – something to think about.

UMMMMM,  2013 the year of freedom, let’s see what God has in store.
I love slogans (must be my Mary Kay years with a new slogan every year), so how about helping me with a New Year’s slogan, with the thought of freedom, but with a little more pizzazz than what I just wrote.  Let me know your ideas.



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