MOVING- Number the boxes



WHEW!  The boxes are taking over the house– what a mess! 

We’ve gone thru the kitchen, family room, my closet (oh my gosh!), and 2 garages, and believe me that was interesting.  Do you know there were things in there I don’t think I have ever used, as well as some things I don’t know how to use. RELEASE!  That is the word.  Release the things I don’t need, that I don’t use, want, or things that are no longer relevant.

Release this stuff into the hands of others who can benefit from it.  Give to others who need it, want it, or can use it. Re-cycle, Re-gift, Re-use, Release! It feels great and it is actually quite freeing.   

For instance, as an example of obsolete, is cassette tapes.  I have, or had, up until last night, hundreds of accompaniment cassette tapes, that I have accumulated over the years, representing thousands of dollars.   They are totally not relevant.  It’s hard to even find a cassette player to listen to them.  There isn’t a player in my car, so I have saved one player to use for that occasional time I want to  listen.  BUT I am releasing them.  I have no idea if someone will be able to use them, or want, but they are leaving my domain to shift to somewhere or someone else.  Yippee!  I will admit, however,  there are a few favorites that can’t be replaced so I am having my friend Larry transfer them to CDs for me.  The same thing goes with VCR tapes.  We have several boxes of videos of the kids, and of course we want them, so I am going to have them transferred to DVD.  

That is just the beginning, honestly, it is so much stuff!
Here’s a thought– we are Owed by what we OWN.  Does that make sense?  The more we things we own and hold onto, the more it determines the decisions we make.  If we own a big house with big expenses, then we are limited to the other things we can do, like take vacations, etc.  It also determines or at least affects,  our giving.  Sometimes a cause that we really believe in comes a long, and we want to help, or contribute, but because we are already so extended financially we can’t give as we would like to give.   

I think when we are burdened down with so much stuff, it does weigh on our mind, determines many of our choices, and holds us back from being available.
Available to be flexible and be moved by the Spirit.  God has opportunities for us, blessings in store, that sometimes we miss because we are so burdened and tied down.  At least that is part of what I am learning in this season of moving.  Release to be free.

Back to the ‘moving’, I mentioned last time that I would tell you about numbering your rooms and the boxes.  This is a great idea, and I’m sorry I can’t give credit to the person who came up with it, but it does work very smoothly.

Number each room and area of your new home.  For instance, kitchen, laundry room, garage 1, garage 2, master bath, master bedroom, etc.  Each area gets a number 1,2,3,4…

While packing, or when your boxes are packed, you will mark each box with a number to match up the to the area you want it to go in the new house.  Many are obvious, but some are not.  For instance this year, because it is almost Christmas, instead of the Christmas decorations going into the garage as they are now, they are going into the front living room.  As soon as everything is in, and I start to unpack, I am going to begin decorating for Christmas.  This way the boxes are already in the house and ready to go.  The opposite is true as well.  Many of the things I am usually use to decorate will go out in the garage til after the holidays.  

Next, the day of the move, I tape the number on the door frame of each room, so when the movers, or helpers, bring in the boxes, it is easy for them to see where it goes.  A big number 1 on the box, matches the big number 1 on the kitchen door frame.

It works for me.  

That’s it for now.  It feels great to lighten up and release.  Now if I could just do the same thing regarding my weight… lighten up and release.  Ummmm, a new diet thought!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.  God is good and may He shower your life with abundance and may your cup overflow with His grace.


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