Empty Nesters- Fill it up!

Hi Gals-

When you hear the term ‘Empty Nester’ what comes to your mind?  The kids are gone, no more car-pooling, sporting events, dance recitals, etc.  Think of all the ‘going’ you have done.  When your kids were living at home, in school, you were on the go, all the time. Right? 

So now, providing that your kids are not ‘back home’, which is a whole different subject, you find yourself in a different place.

The house seems empty.  The energy has changed.  You now have time on your hands.
Sometimes women get depressed, they cry a lot more than usual, they wander around, not really knowing what to do next.  This happens to both at home moms, and  moms who work full time jobs outside the home. These are real feelings and it can be a difficult place to be.

I see women doing a variety of things, some good and some not so good.

One of my friends decided to fill up her house, since it was ’empty’.  You know what I mean, re-decroate, shopping spree, maybe even some QVC.  She was trying to fill the void.  Of course, as you might guess, she also filled up the credit cards, and had to get a job.  Which turned out to be a great thing, as it made her happy. She enjoyed her part-time job more than the shopping.

Others I have known just sit.  They decide now is the time to sit and watch TV, catch up on ‘soaps’, watch HGTV.  Now, that isn’t necessarily bad, but too much TV is going to probably add weight, which most of us do not want, and it  can lead to depression.

You may be saying, alright already… what is the answer?

How about – think about you?   What have you always wanted to do?

Do you like history, or maybe you want to write? Take a class, sign up for even one class where you have to show up, do some homework or a project.  Meet new people with different ideas.

Maybe go to a local hospital and volunteer, they all need help.

One of my friends just recently retired and is at home now.  Although not an empty nester, she is at home, and life is different.  She shared with me the other day, that she is getting more active with our local area homeless group, Amazing Grace.  She is a great example of changing her life.  She is reading books, which she didn’t have time for when she was working, as well as volunteering and gardening.

 As I may have mentioned before, one of my dear friends hadn’t played the piano since she was a little girl.  A few years ago, she called a piano teacher and started taking lessons.  She is so happy and it gives her great joy.

This may be your time to make a change, for you. It’s really about looking inside yourself and see what would make you happy.  Sometimes that is hard to do, because we, as women, are not really programmed to think of ourselves.  But it is OK!  Actually, it is better than OK.  God created you special, an individual, with talents, gifts, and abilities.

Are you willing to ask yourself the question, what do you want?  What would make you happy? If there were no limits, what would you do?   If you are willing to look inside, you will find answers.

It just takes a decision to do one thing, make one change, then take one step to do it.

Let’s Go Girls!  Don’t worry about the empty nest.  It isn’t really ’empty’, it still has you!  You can fill up the time and the space with your energy and your passion. 

I believe the best is yet to come- one day at a time! (Umm that sounds like a song…)

God Bless


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