Sugar & Spice

Hi All

I’ve been thinking about ‘Sugar and Spice’.  That is a saying my Mother used to always say, “girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice”.  I’m not sure why she said that except to let us girls know that we were supposed to be sweet and nice, and do as we were told.

As I remember that, I think that now I like the ‘spice’ part the best.  Imagine that you are  a spice.  What spice are you?  It’s possible we change for different times in our lives, or different situations.

In general, God has called us to be the salt.  He says to not lose our flavor.  We are supposed to add the flavor, His flavor to those around us, and our relationships.

Sometimes He also calls us to be different flavors, or spices.

For instance, maybe you are pepper.  Now pepper adds a little extra, a little more zest to our foods.  If you are pepper, then God may be asking you to add a little zest, to take your influence ‘up a notch’, as you share His love and message.

It could be that you are paprika.  Paprika is red, adds a some color, a touch of interest to foods.  You could be the paprika, and being asked to add a little ‘extra’ to those around you.

Or, you could be cheyenne pepper.  Wow- now that adds alot.  Cheyenne pepper helps circulation, it is a blood purifier, a powerful and potent spice.  If you are cheyenne pepper, then you are probably the life of the party. You come in with great ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.  You may be the one called to Youth work, as it takes a lot of energy to keep up with the Youth.

There is one other thought.  Maybe you are chamomile.  Now chamomile is an herb that relaxes and is peaceful.  God may have you in a relationship, or group where He needs you to be the diplomat and to calm the situation and bring His peace.

What spice are you?  It’s fun to think about and look at the possibilities.  When I meet you I’d love for you to share your ‘spice’.

Let’s add a little spice to life for His kingdom!



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