No Whining allowed

Hi my friends

A wonderful sweet friend passed away this week, after many years of struggle with cancer… She was a light in the lives of all those around her.  Patty made friends with the other patients in therapy, friends with the nurses, doctors, and everyone around her.  She never whined about anything.. what a lesson.  She loved life and embraced every moment.

Matter of fact she was the first to say ‘let’s party!’  Of course, she had good days and bad days, but to her it was good days and others that ‘weren’t so good’.  She loved to listen to live music, to go shopping, and she was a great decorator.  Her husband and friends were always helping her move furniture.
She inspired all of us to be grateful for each day, share your love with those around you and at least for me – ‘No whining’!

Thanks Patty!

Blessings to you all-


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